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Telephone Service Move Details

TC Telecom Business Communication Solutions

1. The first priority is to get your phone line move order into the Telco that you are currently using. For example, Telus, Bell, Rogers, Group Telecom or Allstream. This must be done a minimum of three weeks prior to the move. With a signed authorization letter TC Telecom can call your current Telco and have the lines moved for you. Also it must be decided at this time whether or not you are going to forward your fax line and main line to alternate numbers to avoid losing calls on the move date. If you decide to forward your main line and fax line to alternate locations the person ordering the move with the Telco must get the call forwarding feature from the Telco placed on both of these lines before the move date.
In this case ______________________ will call the Telco to have all of the lines moved from one location to another.
Yes forwarding of the pilot number:__________________ to __________________ and the fax number__________________ to ________________ is required or No forwarding is not required.

2. The next step is that the person who ordered the lines moved with the Telco will receive confirmation of the line moving date. __________________will notify ______________ of the confirmation date at this point. After this point making any changes to the move date will result in a delay from the Telco moving your lines so it is VERY important that you pick a move date that is very solid and attainable. ANY changes to the Telco order can result in the move order not being done on time.

3. When TC Telecom has received the confirmation date we then schedule a work order to do a site survey of your new location. This service is free of charge. At this time we check that the cabling is all in place or what cabling needs to be done for voice and data communications. After this we will give you a quote on the cabling and a quote on the moving of your phone system. You will need to approve the work at this time if you would like us to proceed. A good estimation of the cost to move a phone system is 30 minutes/line and 15 minutes/set at a billable rate of $80.00/hour. This is a little high usually but if anything goes wrong it is better to over estimate than be over budget.

4. The next step, if necessary, is to complete the cabling in your new location. The estimated cabling rates are $175.00 for a dual voice and data run, $90.00 for a voice run, $140.00 for a data run. All data cables are Category 5e and include wall jack and patch panel termination, testing and labeling .

5. On the move day we will come down and disconnect your phone system from the old location and move it to the new location. You will experience some down time i.e. no phone calls during the actual moving of the phone system unless yourselves or TC Telecom has contacted the Telco prior and added call forwarding to your main line and fax. If you have placed forwarding on your lines TC Telecom will activate that forwarding before we move the system to avoid down time. Please note that on this day the Telco does not give an actual time of the move. If for example your move was on Jan. 21 with any Telco this is an all day appointment and only rarely do we get a call notifying us that they are going to start moving the lines. Therefore, it is best to start early in the morning, forward the main line and fax line to alternate sources and set up at the new location so that everyone is ready when your Telco moves the lines. When your Telco has finished moving the lines to the new location TC Telecom will un-forward your main line and fax line. Then we test your line and set configuration to make sure everything is running smoothly.