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Nortel BCM 450
Business Communication Manager

Business Communications Manager 450 is an all-in-one, affordable platform for converged voice and data communications; ideal for medium-sized businesses and branch offices with 30-250 users.


The unified communications capabilities of the Business Communications Manager 450 include unified messaging, message forwarding*, Meet-Me Conferencing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Intelligent Contact Centre functionality to connect people quickly - enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge in an environment where speed, simplicity and savings are integral to success. Other advanced applications include robust telephony features, voice messaging, IP networking, Internet access, mobility solutions and IP telephony. With an easy-to-use and highly flexible architecture, the Business Communications Manager 450 enables mid-size sites to benefit from convergence capabilities that were previously only available to much larger organizations.


Simple to use, install, and maintain

Simultaneous support for both digital and IP telephone sets

Enhanced security features to keep your vital communications solution protected

Reliable mobility solutions allow employees to be more reachable and productive

Advanced features provide flexible solutions for today’s business issues and tomorrow’s challenges

Nortel BCM Provides Access to Key Features of Unified Communications

BCM provides a highly effective platform for customers seeking cost effective Unified Communications solutions. Applications such as:

Unified messaging for simplified and efficient communications
BCM450 consolidates voice, fax and email messages onto users’ PCs, laptops or PDAs, managing them through one standard application such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Important messages are sent and received regardless of device - a real time saver and productivity booster.

Message Forwarding*: a must for employees on the go
Voice, fax or text messages can be forwarded to a wide variety of email clients and PDAs keeping employees connected to customers and each other wherever they go. You can attach a compressed WAV file to the email, so users can play the voice message or see the fax message on the destination device. Its simple to install with no add-on client software or firmware required. Simply activate Message Forwarding with the existing BCM Unified Messaging authorization codes.

Meet-Me Conferencing to make meetings easy, secure and productive
Reduce your conferencing expenses by eliminating the need for external services. Parties can easily establish a teleconference for up to 120 participants using the CEC, with 60 simultaneous participants on one conference. A Rich set of user controls enables the "chairperson" to start, stop, secure and control the conference. A flexible feature ideal for larger conferences, specifically those involving outside suppliers.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Simple to activate, set up and manage, CTI enables you to use third-party, PC-based applications to control telephone services, such as a click-to-call company directory or automatic screen "pops" of a customer’s account status alongside a customer’s call.

Integrated Intelligent Contact Center to provide better customer service
Direct clients and customers to the right contact quickly - increasing customer satisfaction and business productivity. Advanced reporting and multimedia applications maximize customization and flexibility.

Big-business applications - without a big price tag

The Business Communications Manager 450 comes with hundreds of telephony features and a full suite of integrated applications pre-loaded "in the box" - as your business needs evolve, you can easily activate more capabilities. Rich multimedia applications can be activated to voice-and chat-enable a website. These features are all orderable via simple software keycodes and do not require extra hardware.

Voice messaging: a must for employees on the go
Even if employees aren’t there to answer the phone, they can still get the message; callers can leave information in a mailbox for selected users, departments or groups of users. Employees can record personalized greetings and enjoy anywhere-anytime password-protected access to their messages marked with calling line ID, time and date of the call and priority level.

Automated attendant to ensure calls get answered
This always-on-duty "administrative assistant" answers calls to your business with personalized greetings and menu options -- routing calls to the right people, departments or voice mailboxes. Provisioning less overhead for staff and satisfied customers.

Advanced Paging Productivity Pack for sophisticated paging and text-messaging capabilities
The Advanced Paging Productivity Pack (APP Pack) is a suite of advanced applications designed to increase employee productivity, improve customer service and streamline business processes - virtually anywhere paging and text-messaging are used. Features include One Button Paging and Text Messaging, Customer Assistance Paging and Scheduled Announcements.

Ad-hoc conferencing to take care of business quickly
It’s easy to get the team together for a meeting at the spur of the moment, regardless of where they’re located. Simply initiate a teleconference call with up to 120 total participants using the CEC, with 60 simultaneous participants on one conference, without the need for a conference operator or service.

Mobility options to keep employees accessible and connected
Whether your employees are in the office, nearby or even traveling, BCM450 has a full suite of mobility offerings to choose from including digital and IP wireless handsets or even PDA and PC-based soft-clients. Regardless of location, your employees can stay connected to customers and each other.

Activity Reporter
Better understand and optimize your call flows - for improved customer service and cost savings. The basic version Activity Reporter is an on-box reporting system that provides reports on Business Communications Manager telephony data metrics (e.g., Call Accounting, Auto Attendant Call Routing and Voicemail). The full version is an off-box system offering more advanced reporting capabilities and greater flexibility, enabling you to organize information the way you want.








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